Elie Wiesel: A Rare Survivor

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

The so-called “Final Solution” set a goal of eliminating all European Jews. By the time Germany surrendered to the allies in 1945, 6 million of the estimated 8 million Jews in Europe had been murdered.

At first Jews were required by law to wear a yellow star, which identified them as Jews. Then they were forced to live in walled compounds within their city called “ghettos.” Eventually, though, they were sent to “re-location” camps with names like Buchenwald, Treblinka, Dacchau and Auschwitz. In some cases, these facilities were work camps. In others they were “death” camps.

The conditions were so harsh and depressing in these places that many simple gave up their will to live. But others fought for survival with one thing in mind: they wanted “to live to tell.” Their mission was to tell the world about this event, in part so something like this would never happen again.

One such survivor is Elie Wiesel, who was a teenager when he was separated from his mother and sisters and sent to Auschwitz and later Buchenwald. Since the war, Wiesel has spent his life teaching about the Holocaust and working against discrimination and racial intolerance. He has written over 50 books, the most famous of which is Night, a simple yet powerful retelling of his and his father’s experiences in the camps.

This photo shows the kind of conditions people lived in in the camps. These wooden bunks were the beds and, remarkably, this photo shows the young Elie Wiesel.

Consider these questions:
How do you think people become intolerant of races and genders?
If you were a parent of a young child, how would you raise him/her to be open-minded while at the time to have the values you think are important?

  1. Miranda B1 says:

    They simply became scared of people that didn’t look like them. If I were to ever have children, I would raise them to be open-minded about all people, cause when you really think about it, there is no difference in what you look like.

  2. Megan R says:

    I think that people began to dislike certain races because they thought that the Jews and colored people maybe thought they were better than everyone else. The Nazis thought they were doing God’s work by getting rid of them. I would teach my kids to be nice to everyone, to see that people of different colors aren’t any different than them self.

  3. Maddie S. says:

    I think people grow up in certain societies that influence the way they look at race or gender. Parents raise children to believe certain things and have certain morals. If i was a parent i would raise my kids to be open minded and accept people for who they are not based on their race or cultural differences.

  4. Darin H says:

    All it takes is a couple people that make a bad opinion then they figure that all people of that race are like that.
    Tell them that they can have there own opinion but on a few things. Tell them what is right and what is wrnog.

  5. Feige says:

    I think that people came intolerant of races and genders by the childhood they had and what their family would believe. I would just say to not have racial thoughts but believe what you want to believe.

  6. Lauren Y says:

    To begin with they were taught and raised that way. People didn’t know that all the stereotypes were lies and that there was actually no reason to hate anyone. I would teach them that God created all people equally and that they should only treat people the way they want to be treated. That they need to remember that we should show all human beings the decency that they deserve and that they are no less human than we are.

  7. Emily R. says:

    I think it comes from how they are raised and what the learn when they are growing up. cause most people will stay with there parents opinions on thing and then just keep that opinion. If i were a parent i would tell them about all the diffrent races then have them tell me what they think and just help them to have an open mind.

  8. Emily B says:

    I think that people just thought other people were better then them. They may have thought they were smarter and wiser then everyone else. I would teach my kids to think of everyone as the same. No one should be different. No one should be treated different. I would teach my kids to be nice to everyone.

  9. Riley L says:

    How do you think people become intolerant of races and genders?
    Sometimes people are just born into racism so they really don’t have a reason or a right to hate, they are just born into it. I think the problem is that sometimes people need to find someone or some group of people to blame their problems or their countries problems on and that’s how it gets started.
    If you were a parent of a young child, how would you raise him/her to be open-minded while at the time to have the values you think are important?
    I don’t know how to answer that really. I would just try to instill in them what I thought was wrong and what was right, but I suppose that’s what every person does.

  10. Mandy T says:

    I think people became so one minded because everyone viewed it that ways. It was like you would be punished if you didn’t think that way. I would raise my kid so they don’t get judgmental towards others.

  11. Makaygan P says:

    Many people grow up to become racial, because of what their parents think. If one women doesn’t a certain race she can pass down those feeling to her kids without even realizing it. Sometimes people don’t like other races because they think they are better than that race, and that the race needs to be put into their place. You have to teach your kids to respect every person even though they are different, it doesn’t matter skin type, eye color, hair color, or even religious views were all humans.

  12. Tori D says:

    I think people became intolerable of certain groups of people by their parents. It just a long line of their family history, they all grew up in families who didn’t like a certain group of people.
    I would teach my kids that color of skin is not a big factor in who a person is and they need to treat everyone the way they want to be treated.

  13. Amanda W says:

    I think that you become intolerant to people different than you because of your family and what your parents believe is right and wrong. Not too long ago a large portion of our population was prejudice about different races and cultures. If you are raised in that sort of environment, you are most likely to teach your kids the same as you were taught. I think that I am just going to teach my children to think or do whatever they feel is right. Hopefully they will see the difference from right and wrong and can see that discrimination is a huge wrong that is done by millions of people every day.

  14. Kylie R. says:

    I think the reason people started being so mean and showing hatred against other people is because of superiority. Maybe they thought because they were Jews, they were people who weren’t meant to be living. They thought that God wanted them to eliminate these people. I will teach my children that no matter what race, color, or ethnicity someone is, we are all people living in the same world trying to make the best that we can out of our lives.

  15. Chelsea Murphy says:

    I am not really sure but it could just be because they look so different. That is defiantly not fair to them because they could say the same about anyone else. I wouldn’t want them to have to go through or see the stuff that happened during that time, but it may be good for them to learn or at least know what is going on.

  16. Allison I. says:

    I think people become mad about something they no is their fault, but choose to take it out/ blame others for it. I think Germany knew the war was caused by them but blamed the Jews for it.
    If I were a parent I would teach them to have good morals but not think they are better than everyone else. I’d teach them that everyone should be treated fairly. Also, if they know they did something wrong, I would rather have them admit to it then blame others and hurt they’re feelings.

  17. Heth says:

    People always find some kind of problems in others and therefore dislike them thats why there are racial group all around world like Al-Queda, KKK, Nazi’s. If I was a parent than I would raise my kids to be open minded so they can have their opinions on things rather than some one else.

  18. Eli Plunkett says:

    Well peoples tolerancy in these later days has gone up dramatically, you still have the select few though, that still have racial and sex intolerance issues. So today, all I would do as a apparent is show the child that everyone is born equal, show it that no one is lesser or more than anyone, and that we all deserve the same respect. The golden Rule is literally to live by. People back then probably became intolerant due to the beliefs that Jews were rats, which in itself showed forms of stupidity. People were fooled into thinking others were lesser, and therefor tried to do gods bidding for him and take the lives of those who were “lesser.”

  19. Catrina W says:

    I think people just get to feeling like their race or way of life is the best; they have a feeling of superiority. Then, if people are not like them they feel that those people are not as good as them, and sometimes they feel that those people do not deserve to live.

    When I have kids I don’t even plan to separate people into groups. When I look at someone, their skin color doesn’t make a difference. That’s the same as judging people based on hair color or eye color. I’ll teach through example and treat everyone the same.

  20. Cyler A says:

    i think people such as the Nazis began to hate the Jews and African American or colored people because they thought they were an inferior race to the Germans. i would raise my child so that they would not hate or dislike different races or unique races.

  21. Alex T says:

    The only way i know of people becoming intolerant of a race is by a bad experience with them or if they were taught growing up that the other race was bad. I would try to raise my child to the best of my ability to be open minded with today’s people because anywhere we go now days there is always a mixture of races and ethnicity. I think it is very important to just treat everyone how you would want to be treated and not single one person or one race out.

  22. Jordan F. says:

    People become intolerant of race and genders from the way they have been raised.
    If I was a parent of a young child i would teach them to respect other. I would also teach them to not judge them by their race or looks, but by the person they truly are.

  23. David S. says:

    I think that racism probably originated through a closeness of humans to their family and people who were part of their group. People may have also concluded that since their countries were dominant it must have been because their people were genetically superior. If you wanted a child who could look at things fairly but also have that child agree with your values you might not be able to do that for certain, because if they were allowed to look at things in their own way they could come to different conclusions than you. However, if I was going to try to do that I would tell the child the different beliefs people hold on an issue and then tell them my opinion and explain why I hold that opinion.

  24. lowe says:

    they are taught to be hateful from the ways there parents hated. they learned mostly from mom and dad and how they were over all treated and raised.

    im not sure how i would do it. but i would get it done. id bring many examples of what i believe is right, in front of him or her. just to make sure the respected me and my wife, along with other too.

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